• Thought Quotient ALC, the Houston area’s first Agile Learning Center, is a self-directed intentional learning community. For the 2017/18 year we will be open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 am until 3pm. We are currently accepting children ages 6-15.

    Students at Thought Quotient ALC individualize their learning within the context of a supportive community. We have adapted simple tools for self-organization and intentional culture creation to better support young people in engaging with their passions and curiosities while shaping our learning community’s environment.

  • Mission

    • Nurture independent, agile, thoughtful, creative, goal-driven critical thinkers capable of both changing their world and adapting skills as their world changes.
    • Embrace the need for all humans, regardless of age or other differences, to continually learn and find joy in living.
    • Create a culture centered around collaboration, community, inclusiveness, respect, and trust where students and staff can discover and pursue their passions.
    • Generate public interest in and stimulate conversation about the future of education and 21st century learning.
    • Act as a demonstration center from which practices and innovations may diffuse to families, communities, and other schools.

    We do this by providing a self-directed, safe, and supportive learning environment for students. We offer individualized programs that meet personal goals through play, independent study, innovative classes and workshops, mentoring partnerships, internships, and community resources.

  • Agile Learning Centers restore the joy of learning with a surprisingly effective educational approach: intentional culture supporting self-directed learning reinforced by agile management tools.
  • Self-Directed

    Humans are natural learners. When children get to follow their passions, they engage deeply, learning more quickly and thoroughly – covering years of content in weeks at the time they choose to learn it.

  • Intentional Culture

    At ALCs children feel they are heard, they belong, and they make a difference. As social creatures, we thrive in this kind of vibrant community which builds our confidence, heightens our communication skills, and calls forth our best selves.

  • Agile Management Tools

    We use practical and concrete tools to make these lofty-sounding ideals real and reliable. These tools and practices provide visible feedback, effective self-management, clarity of purpose, and easy integration of new patterns as needs change.

  • A 21st Century Education

    Children today will need to succeed in a very different world than the one we’ve known – one completely outside the reach of traditional schooling.

    Gone is the era of stable corporate employment. The future is in the hands of the entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creative community builders. The skill set required to identify an opportunity, organize a team, plan the work, execute to fulfillment, and build your reputation from these successes does not come from “Sit down! Shut up! Learn what I tell you to! Now barf it onto this test.”

    Children need a setting to develop their fluency in digital media, their social, cultural and emotional intelligence, motivation, self-knowledge, and their sense of purpose. They need a platform for sharing their learning in a digital portfolio with a collaborative community.

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Your Information will never be shared with any third party.
Be a part of a self-directed learning community that is changing the face of education.
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